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Autodoc is a tool for doumenting Fortran 90/95 projects.

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Welcome to the Autodoc home page! Autodoc is a tool which automatically documents Fortran source code and generates beautifully formatted web pages. This site is actually the documentation for an example program which has been generated by Autodoc. For a fully fledged example of the power of Autodoc have a look at this project on Sourceforge.

Autodoc is designed to be very simple to use. All that is needed is to write a short configuration file like the one for this example program and then you are ready.

If you run Autodoc without any comments in your source code it will still generate a lot of information about the structure of your program and produce beautifully hyperlinked copies of your source code formatted for the web.

To add to this documentation, just surround useful comments in the source code by <doc></doc> braces. Comments within a subroutine or function definition document that subroutine or function, and comments between the beginning of a module and the first subroutine document the module.

To install Autodoc, install Highlight, download the Autodoc gem and install using 'sudo gem install'. You can then run your configuration file using ruby (requires Ruby version 1.9 or higher).

More documentation can be found here

This documentation has been automatically generated from the Autodoc source code by Autodoc